How to use these PDFs?

[For freshers]

  • Read the below PDFs selectively. Do keep syllabus and previous year questions with you.
  • When you open a PDF, just select the topics/portions you need to read. Then look at the prev. year questions. See if you have missed any section worth reading.
  • First reading – no highlighting or making notes
  • Second reading after a week – make short notes
  • You can save these PDFs in your local folder, highlight the important portions, and revise them regularly. Save the PDFs according to topic wise. Make separate folder for each heading in UPSC Sociology syllabus
  • Not everyone would do this!

[For the experienced]

  • Aim to cover all the below mentioned PDFs in 2 days (maximum)
  • Do not make notes in the first reading. This would force you to come for a second reading which is extremely important.
  • Second reading after a week. Make small  notes, save the PDFs locally, topicwise.
  • Revise the short notes regularly.
  • If you don’t, history would repeat!

Sociology – The Discipline

  • Emergence of Sociology: Link 1
  • Scope of the subject & comparison with other social sciences: Covered in NCERT
  • Sociology and Common Sense: Covered in NCERT also.

Avoid straining your neck while reading

Sociology as Science

Research Methods and Analysis

Sociological Thinkers

Stratification and Mobility

Works and Economic Life

Politics and Society

Religion and Society

Systems of Kinship

Social Change in Modern Society

UPSC Sociology Paper 2 IGNOU notes

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