How to leverage these answer sheets best?

  • Merely going through the answers would create “False confidence” similar to false class consciousness (Marx)
  • Select one/two questions from a given answer sheet below. Attempt them on your own.
  • Compare your answers with that in the answer sheet.
  • Write remarks on your own in your answer sheet.
  • Compile all such answers in a file. Do not throw them away.
  • Very few candidates will do it. Those who do it will experience a remarkable improvement in confidence level!


Priyanka Singh

Narendra Kumar Shah – 1

Narendra Kumar Shah – 2


Best Source for Indian Economy


Akhilesh Variar

Amrutesh Aurangabadkar

Tanvi Sundriyal – 1

Tanvi Sundriyal – 2


Pradeep Dahiya

S Lavanya

Arvind Singh – 1

Arvind Singh – 2

Smruti Ranjan – 1

Smruti Ranjan – 2

Smruti Ranjan – 3

Smruti Ranjan – 4

Smruti Ranjan – 5


For a change in study posture

Purva Garg – 1

Purva Garg – 2

Purva Garg – 3

Tutan Ahmad

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