If you are not going through previous year questions of Sociology, you may be working hard, however, not smartly.

Previous year questions of UPSC Sociology help you focus on what to read when you are going through a particular topic. For example, suppose you are reading the topic “Black money (currently in news),” and you have gone through previous year questions. You would pause for a while, and think about the functional role of black money, if any. UPSC has already asked a question on functional role of corruption (2014).

Secondly, practising previous year questions would tune your mind and approach to the nature of questions asked in UPSC. This is because test series may, inadvertently, deviate from what UPSC expects.

Most importantly, questions are repeated in UPSC Sociology. E.g. RTE question in 2016 has been asked earlier.

Hence, please do not ignore previous year questions (last 5 years) at any cost!

UPSC Sociology Categorised Papers 1964 – 2015

Pattern of UPSC Sociology questions was changed in 2008. You can through questions from 2008. Must attempt/discuss questions from 2010. Some of them are repeated. If time permits, you can do a highly selective discussion of pre-2008 questions. Those in Delhi can try “New Vishal’s” previous year questions also.

Fundamental Sociology (Paper 1) by Vikas Ranjan

If you are a late starter, you can go for this book. Some portions have been borrowed from IGNOU, Google search etc. You can always refer to this book for sections not covered in conventional books.

Applied Sociology (Paper 2) by Vikas Ranjan

Many candidates are confused about the sources of Paper 2. This book has a compilation of articles for paper 2. You can use this as an add on to your conventional reading sources. The book is helpful if you are running out of time.

IAS Mains GS Solved Papers 2016-2001

Sociology students can refer to Society questions in GS1. Please work on controlling your Sociology knowledge from getting reflected in GS Society questions. If examiner feels from your answer that your optional is Sociology, it may backfire. Write some GS Society questions; get it evaluated by someone from non-Sociology optional.

This book would help in other UPSC GS papers as well.

Sociology Question Bank with solution

There is one Question bank from Chronicle, however, it is unavailable currently. It can be a substitute.

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