Orientation lectures

These videos help in selecting an optional in case of a dilemma. They, also, help provide a holistic picture of the syllabus, strategy to be adopted and the linkages among different topics in syllabus.

Vikas Ranjan
Surendra Kr Singh(1)
Smriti Shah
Pravin Kishore
Surendra Kr Singh(2)

Lectures covering Sociology syllabus

Important UGC videos

Talcott Parsons
G H Mead 1
G H Mead 2
Kinship 1
Kinship 2
Kinship 3
Village Studies
Robert K. Merton 1
Robert K. Merton 2
Stratification 1
Stratification 2
Emile Durkheim 1
Emile Durkheim 2
Indian Society
Technology education and social change