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Which coaching institute?

Pravin Kishore vs Vikash Ranjan vs Vision IAS

Below points are based on inputs from students, and my personal experience. Please use your discretion before arriving at final decision.

Pravin Kishore Sir
– Tests and answer booklet checking are on time
– Best part is every test has ~5 hours of discussion. That sort of covers the syllabus in a nutshell.
– Personalised feedback on questions are seldom given – you would just get marks for every answer. However, you can go and discuss with him.
– For every test and discussion takes 3 days. Tests and discussion are on different days. So, difficult for those not staying in ORN.
– Paper 1 questions are at times way more difficult than UPSC level.
– Some students say they were not comfortable with explanation for 10 markers on sociological perspectives. e.g PCPNDT act.

Pros:- The discussion classes are very will help to understand concept better.
Sir only evaluates test paper
Personal one to one doubt also u can clear.
Cons:- no focus on quality of improvement in answer writing.
So that is missing.
Still traditional way he follows no current related question.
General remarks he give in more or less all question.

User has requested anonimity

Vikas Ranjan Sir
– Micro feedback on answers
-1-1 discussion
-Has authored books for both paper 1 and 2
-Focus on answer writing
-Less emphasis on conceptual clarity via test series

Vision IAS Sociology

Pros:- it is good for PPL who are outside delhi.since they have online facility as well. Their model answer is good to revise particular topic..
Cons.:- issue is the doubt about who checks the copies.(mentor or some fellow aspirants)copies evaluation is also very latr.(min 2 weeks) in my case.Discussion mainly from model answers.if your anser does not match with model answer you will not get good marks.
Caution.Before joining any test series do meet the mentor ,everyone of us have different need so we might need different teacher.

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